Countless possibilities

In our greenhouses we offer various possibilities for testing. We have a lot of space and have the technical possibilities to create almost any desired test environment. This has ensured that we have extensive experience in various areas, such as:

  • vegetable growing on substrate
  • vegetable growing in the soil
  • substrate tests for every desired crop
  • pot growing on tables
  • various graft tests
  • growing roses under lamps
  • setting up medical crops

Klazienaveen Business Center

Business Center Klazienaveen offers organizations from the horticultural sector the ability to organize meetings and meetings in one unique horticultural setting. The center is suitable for both large and smaller groups. Furthermore, the center is a meeting place for companies in the industry. Gardeners and horticultural entrepreneurs can in the center get to know each other and exchange experiences. There are also possibilities to rent office spaces or meeting locations and can growers come to us with all their business questions.

Advice for horticultural entrepreneurs

As you know, running a business is not always easy easy. Certainly not in the horticultural world. Every day is another challenge. Sometimes it is nice to be able to sound boards with someone who has a lot of entrepreneurial experience in the industry. Within our organization we have more than thirty years of practical experience as entrepreneur. We have experienced and set highs and lows that expertise now mainly in guiding and advising entrepreneurs.