Bert Knol, Algaecom

Algaecom is a company that grows algae and duckweed and that also develops its own cultivation systems for this. For the testing of systems and crops, we are happy to use conditioned conditions and have therefore ended up at the Ron Peters et al. Trial. The collaboration with Ron and his people is going very well. They are very flexible in their way of working together, so that we can achieve a good division of work. Moreover, Ron and his people are alert and proactive: if you come up with a problem, they have long seen it and have already prepared a solution.

In short: with this company you keep pace with the realization of your ambitions !! “Ron is an inspiring entrepreneur who works with heart and soul for the good cause. He knows how to outline perspective in an entirely authentic way for ambitious business plans. He has proven himself several times in this. Thanks to his openness and personal involvement, he builds relationships and brings the right people into contact with each other.