Purchase and Sales guidance

The sale of your business or the purchase of horticultural land probably is not done every day. Klazienaveen Business Center assist with this. We have been active as a regional broker for the horticulture and have also been active as an entrepreneur for decades the horticultural world. We mediate in the purchase and sale of horticultural companies, plots and related matters and work for horticultural companies, banks and private individuals.

The buying and selling of real estate in horticulture is a specific course. It is important to know the regional real estate market well and also have knowledge of horticulture in this area. Given our long history in Southeast Drenthe, we know the growers, the locations, the possibilities, but also the pitfalls. That in combination with our extensive network, makes us a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to:

  • professional and realistic advice
  • 35 years of experience in horticulture
  • excellent relationship with banks and governments
  • regional / local knowledge
  • service and discretion
  • correct financial settlement

No cure no pay
We would like to work together with you on a realistic approach. Partly for that reason we also dare to work on a “no cure – no pay” basis. We invite you to have a look at our offer. Are you a real estate provider? Then we will gladly place your offer on our site. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Currently in sale or for rental