maandag, 17 juli 2017

Onze service in Rusland.


Hello cucumber growers, all over the world .


My name is Henry Rodenburg and I am growing cucumbers for a company called “Botanica “ in Russia on 10 ha with artificial light. 5 Ha with 15000 lux and midi cucumber and 5 ha 22000 lux with long cucumber  high wire system.

In January 2017 we have planted  new plants in the greenhouse with 22000 lux. After 2 weeks the first virus  was found and 2 weeks later the entire greenhouse got virus. I was confused about the speed how fast the virus had spread and how aggressive ,and you feel very bad and I  started  thinking  about a solution before the next crop was supposed to come in the greenhouse. Lots of stress . But then I remembered a presentation 2 years ago by Ron Peters in Bleiswijk about his protocol. I was there , so I made contact with Ron and asked him to contact the management. Something had to be done or we could stop growing cucumbers. The management agreed with me and we let Ron come to Russia.

Ron was here 2  days and gave the protocol and new energy to the growers. Man what a visit that was.  We used 60% from the protocol because the plastic had to stay on the floor  and we did not received the good chemicals in time , but it’s amazing how Ron’s protocol  works. After 6 weeks we found 1 plant with virus and every week after this a few more. We harvest now 2 months and we have 30.3 kg pm2 production of the midi cucumber. One month to go and we have a success full crop after the big virus problem. In august we clean totally with 100% protocol.

Then we start with a very  good feeling  in September. I must certainly can say: this was the companies best move ever, to start working like this !!