donderdag, 10 september 2015

Protocol for cucumber green mottle mosaic virus

After some years of intense testing, trying and improving, we finally seem to have managed to market a protocol aimed at the cleaning companies that were (heavily) contaminated with the financially lethal cucumber green mottle mosaic virus. For as long as cucumbers have been grown, this threat has been hovering above companies like the Sword of Damocles. The virus has a reputation for being difficult or nigh on impossible to eliminate.

But there is hope on the horizon. In the horticultural area of Southeast Drenthe, more specifically in the experimental garden of Ron Peters, in recent years an inventive and intensive method has been developed that deals with the problem. This method is simple, suitable, environmentally friendly and most importantly: human and food safe. 

Naturally, growers, consultants and suppliers have questions: how does it work, how is it tested, documented, repeated, in what areas, at which companies with what effects? These questions are justified. To avoid running ahead of ourselves too much and to keep the path to publication clear, I refer to the final disclosure in mid-September 2015. DLV Plant Green Q has been involved in the supervision of the demonstration test and its recording. 

Curious? Go to the website, Facebook or Twitter accounts of Ron Peters experimental garden ( or that of DLV Plant-GreenQ ( to find out more.