Numerous options in our Experimental Garden!

In our greenhouses we offer various options for conducting tests. We have lots of space and have the technical ability to create almost any test environment. This has ensured that we have extensive experience in various fields, such as:

  • vegetable cultivation on substrate
  • vegetable cultivation in the soil
  • substrate tests for any desired cultivation
  • potted cultivation on tables
  • various graft tests
  • rose cultivation under lamps
  • setting up medicinal crops

Klazienaveen Business Centre

Klazienaveen Business Centre offers organisations from the horticultural sector option to organise meetings and events in a unique horticultural setting. The centre is suitable for both large and smaller groups. Furthermore, the centre is a meeting place for companies in the industry as it is a place where growers and horticultural entrepreneurs can meet each other and exchange experiences. There are also opportunities to rent office space or meeting locations and growers can contact us with all their entrepreneurial questions.

Advice for horticultural entrepreneurs

As you know running a business is not always easy. And the same is true in the horticultural industry. Each day is a new challenge. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to be able to use people with a lot of entrepreneurial experience in the industry as a sounding board. Within our organisation we have more than thirty years of hands-on experience as entrepreneurs. We have experienced highs and lows and we now use this expertise to guide and advise entrepreneurs.

Purchasing and sales support

Selling your company or buying horticultural land probably isn’t something you do every day. Klazienaveen Business Centre can assist you with this. We have been operating since 2009 as a regional property agent for the horticulture industry and in addition to this we have been entrepreneurs in the horticultural industry for decades. We mediate in the purchase and sale of horticultural companies, plots and related matters and work for horticultural companies, banks and individuals.

Supply of used horticultural materials

A list of used materials can be found here. (This page is only available in dutch)