Empowered Seeds

Do you want to see cucumber plants grow? Then take a look at these videos. the first video shows cucumber plants sprouted from empowered seed, and the second video shows you standard cucumber plants from standard seed.

Empowered seeds growing
Standard seeds growing

Update April 20, 2020:

As mentioned, I would provide an update at the beginning of each month regarding the results of the cucumber test with the treated and untreated seeds. This was commissioned by Ronald Duijvestein / Empowered Seed. Our cultivation department is 400 m2 in size, divided over twelve paths. The test is set up in such a way that path 1 has untreated seeds / plants, path 2 has been treated and so on and on to path twelve. Each path is harvested every two days, counting the pieces and weighing the kg. So everything is registered. Until the end of March, we see that the “treated seeds / plants” are indeed producing more. We have only been on the road for two months, so conclusions may be premature, but the primary results are there. We see no qualitative difference, but the question you have to ask yourself is: can you make prologue even better when it comes to quality?

This trial in the Ron Peters experimental garden will be followed up in the Netherlands and abroad by regular production companies, which, following the results achieved, find it worthwhile to carry out and monitor this trial on their own companies. It is also the intention to follow a side effect. This side effect would claim that the seeds treated with the Empowered Seed method would give more resistance to any cucumber fur virus contamination.

BEWARE: this claim is not an established fact, but an assumption. But definitely worth investigating. We will keep you informed.

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